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A way to donate to the cause.

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A way to donate to the cause.

We don’t make any recommendations for how much you should donate.  Please feel free to donate whatever you wish, depending on what you can afford and the perceived value of what you received.  If you are a penniless student then please just give what you can.  Conversely, if you hold the power to spend expenses for an enormous wealthy corporation, then please feel free to donate much more!  🙂

Your donation is very much appreciated, no matter how large or small it may be.  In order to accept donations there is a small fee that we must pay to take payments using credit and debit cards.  We therefore give you the choice of how these fees are financed:

  • You can choose the value of your donation, and the credit/debit card fee will be deducted from the funds before they are paid to us.
  • You can volunteer to donate a small additional amount to us to cover the cost of using the credit or debit card.  The amount depends on where your payment card is registered, but is never more than a few percent.

If you choose to donate the credit card fee, the additional amount will be added as “shipping” during the checkout process, and we will appreciate and respect you even more for it.  Thank you!

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